We help connect your business to influencers and people

Let Influencers marketing quickly boost up your business


Trying to promote the latest products but tired of high costly searching engine or social media ads?

Turn the influencers into your local sales team, and boost your business reputation through the followers!


Services like VPN or subscription based entertainments requires huge amounts of exposures to growth and expand user bases.

Influencers can quickly introduce and convert their traffic and tern them into potential users.


With more than 2 billion active games across the global, the gaming market would soon exceed USD$ 100 billion.

With carefully planning and execution, most gaming marketing campaigns would bring in revenue that is more than double of the campaign expense.

In most cases, our well designed social marketing campaign, would generate the revenue that covers the marketing expenses within one month.

With a ROI that is greater than one, all the expenses will feed into the positive loop and help boost the business even further.

What we do

We help customize your influencer marketing in three simple step

Plan the campaign

Tell us what you want to promote and what kinds of campaign (usually in forms of blogs posts, video clips or others) you need.

Contact our marketing managers for further information!

Find suitable influencer

Here in KOLmon, we keep tracks of thousands of top influencers for every countries or industries.

Based on your requirement, our marketing managers will filter the most suitable candidates for your business. We will also work with them to create your customized marketing campaign, and make sure every penny spend counts.

Release and take off

You can review the detail campaign plan before the influencers start creating the promotion, and they will correct the content via the feedback.

To ensure the quality of the campaign, the content creators will not receive the payment until the promotion is published!

Success stories