Influencer Marketing

Why do you need Influencer Marketing?

In recent years, people's attention has been diverted from other places to social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. According to Global Digital Report 2019 – We Are Social’s Global Digital Insights report released in January 2019, the number of social media users in the Asia-Pacific region has grown by 12%. This means that the layout of marketing advertisements must be incorporated into social software. If you do not use social platforms, it is actually difficult to reach the audience, especially the younger generation.

Avoid the "advertising black hole" and find the right communication channel

However, the Internet usage habits of young people are more resistant to intrusive advertisements, which can be seen from the installation rate of the ad blocker software AD blocker, which is as high as 47% globally. This group of users who install AD blocker has formed an "advertising black hole" that corporate brand owners can never reach.

Furthermore, preventing intrusive and destructive ads is now a global trend. In order to provide a good user experience, Google will promote new norms in Asia on July 9, 2019. All websites must meet the "Ad Experience Improvement Standards" (Better Ads Standards), which comprehensively blocks 12 types of inappropriate ads, including stamped ads that are currently popular with advertisers. Faced with such global advertising trends, how should corporate brand owners respond and adjust their strategies to avoid such advertising black holes?

The best solution is to work with Internet celebrities who produce native content on social platforms and are the focus of public attention. The information to be conveyed by marketing is packaged into content that fans are interested in through KOL's creativity, reaching a broad potential audience on various social platforms.

Social Platform Focus KOL and Advertising Transformation

Let's take Taiwan as an example. From the uncategorized list of YouTube channels in Taiwan, it can be found that more than two-thirds of the top 50 are individual creator YouTubers (marked with a red bottom line in the figure below). There is a big difference from other neighboring Asian countries. In Japan and South Korea, the large YouTube channels are mostly brand owners, record companies, singers and artists (Celebrity driven), and in Taiwan, they start from amateur creations, and gradually become super influencers. This means that Taiwanese people like to watch original content on social platforms, and it also highlights the importance of KOL original content.

The public's attention and time are also gradually shifting to YouTube. In 2017, the number of YouTubers who exceeded one million subscriptions in Taiwan was 9, in 2018 it was 22, and 2019 has not ended so far, and it has reached 32. The growth rate is very amazing. Most of the content that the public watches on the Internet comes from these KOLs The creation of the book has become a hot topic of people and even drives the trend of popularity.

With the shift of people's attention, the digital advertising sector has also moved, from Banner advertising, SEO keyword advertising, community advertising, digital advertising that has developed for 20 years to a new generation of KOL Ads. Enterprise brand owners need to know more about KOL's characteristics and market ecology, and how to make good use of KOL to create win-win cooperation.

The Right Influencer Marketing Strategies That Lead to Better Conversions

Taking YouTuber influencer marketing as an example, if you can match the influencer marketing strategy and layout, and properly cooperate with KOLs, you can achieve amazing results and conversions. The most classic case is the Universiade in 2017 (referred to as the Universiade). At that time, the Universiade brand team changed the traditional method of trading sports events, and there was the first large-scale cooperation between a government unit and a YouTuber.

At that time, it offered a bargaining chip to cooperate with the mayor to increase the awareness of YouTubers, reduced the cost of KOL cooperation, and successfully united 9 YouTubers to film and promote the Universiade. The final result is better than the traditional media buy (Media Buy) publicity effect, bringing amazing conversion rate and growth, creating the 2017 World Universiade has become the event with the highest ticket rate over the years.

If you can make good use of influencer marketing, you will have a higher chance of significantly improving ROI (return on investment) than traditional advertising. According to the survey statistics , an average investment of 1 yuan in influencers (net celebrities) can recover 6.5 yuan. In contrast, the second online (such as online banner, keyword advertising, etc.) invests 1 yuan on average and can only recover less than 6.5 yuan. 4 bucks, traditional TV commercials are even less than 3 bucks.

The influencer itself has its own appeal and popularity, and has a high degree of connection with the audience. Compared with traditional advertising audiences, they are more willing to believe in the experience of KOLs. If you find a KOL whose fan profile matches the product consumer group, it is bound to greatly reduce the advertising cost of advertisers.

Therefore, finding the right influencer for advertising cooperation will not only save a huge advertising budget, but also the value of conversion will break through the benefits brought by traditional advertising. This form can also avoid Google's restrictive mechanism for advertising forms. Based on the above, in the era of social media dominance and focus, it is increasingly important to deploy Internet celebrity marketing in digital advertising, and it is definitely the only way to cooperate with Internet celebrities.