What is a micro-influencer? Don't just look at the number of fans, deepening consumers is the key to a brand's success!

"Micro-influencer" is a new term in social marketing recently. Everyone has often heard about "influencer" and has a considerable understanding of influencer, so what is "micro-influencer"? What do they have to do with marketing? Recently, many companies and brand owners have also begun to invite micro-influencers to participate in marketing promotion activities, forming a special phenomenon. Now, let the editor tell you what the micro-influencers are really popular, and what are the definitions and platforms of micro-influencers!

The phenomenon of social media fragmentation makes it possible for everyone to become a "micro-influencer"

What is micro-influencer marketing? definition?

Micro influencers are the starting point for business influence business opportunities on social platforms. Although marketing data agencies in each country have different definitions of micro-influencers, because this number is directly related to the number of local populations, language strengths and weaknesses. However, in terms of the number of fans and the interaction rate, the US Internet celebrity marketing agency Mediakix gave the following definition of the corresponding levels between the three data of Internet celebrities, fans and interaction rates : the number of fans of micro-influencers is approximately Between 10,000 and 50,000.

Because most of the fans of micro-influencers are of a specific ethnic group, although the number of fans is not large, their loyalty is extremely high, and the interaction rate is also very high, so the results of industry matching are even better than those of Internet celebrities. For owners, the price is also cheaper than influencer. Therefore, many business owners have begun to turn to micro-influencers for job matching.

There are many ways of micro-influencer, which are not the same as the existing medium and large. Micro-influencers will set their own fan positioning from the very beginning, and strive to cultivate the relationship with the fan base, so as to achieve high fan loyalty. Influencers who have just started their careers in the community have developed a warm and close interaction with their fans, which can help stimulate and promote purchases. Therefore, micro-influencer marketing has become the current extremely high return on investment, which can reduce the marketing budget and achieve high-quality marketing requirements.

3 steps of micro-influencer marketing

➡️ Step 1. The influence of brand fans

According to the research, most consumers will be happy to appreciate the photos posted by other consumers as a shopping reference, and then generate a desire to consume. In terms of marketing, as long as you find micro-influencers who are fans of the brand, and through their recommendations, you can more effectively persuade fans to convert interactive support into buying products.

➡️ Step 2. Micro-influencer personal experience

Through the personal experience of Internet celebrities, it can arouse interaction and resonance with fans, and bring products to life and scenes to achieve the purpose of brand product promotion. In the process of sharing the experience of product use, micro-influencers must resonate with fans through detailed descriptions in real scenes, and then achieve fans' desire to buy.

➡️ Step 3. Long-term cooperation with yepiwen

To build a brand image, it is not just by sending a business text once, but promoting it to the public through Internet celebrities to stimulate purchases. It is not feasible to cooperate with micro-influencers for a long time at a single point. To cooperate with micro-influencers, we must cooperate for a long time, so that the public can enhance the brand trust. On the other hand, through the continuous posting of micro-influencers to disseminate brand information, fans can establish a good impression of the brand and promote the desire to buy.

What is the difference between micro-influencers and Internet celebrities?

Medium and large Internet celebrities who have established community popularity, through the exposure-type interaction between KOLs and fans, to tap potential customers and achieve the purpose of purchase. However, micro-influencers who have just stepped into the social market, through in-depth interaction and high trust with fans, have the effect of believing in product recommendations, thereby stimulating purchases.

The biggest difference between internet celebrities and micro internet celebrities is the number of fans. Generally speaking, if the number of fans exceeds 50,000, it can be called an Internet celebrity. Relatively speaking, although the number of fans of micro-influencers is small, their behavioral influence may be more direct than that of medium and large Internet celebrities. For promotion and marketing, cooperation with micro-influencers can not only save a large amount of budget, but also achieve Better marketing results.

What are the advantages of micro-influencers?

Reaching brand information based on specific ethnic groups: Micro-influencers have set “social tags” from the very beginning, such as: food, fashion, sports and other different group characteristics, that is, “interests” or “interests” that ordinary people are familiar with. Hobbie, so fans are mostly like-minded people, and business owners can choose a fan group that matches their brand according to different community tags, and then achieve the purpose of promoting the brand.

High degree of trust from fans: Fans who love micro-influencers have a high sense of trust in the micro-influencers they follow, and most of them are willing to listen and follow their recommendations, which become the reference for their product purchases.

Save marketing budget: Micro-influencers do not have as many fans as medium and large Internet influencers, so the price of business matching is relatively low. For owners who want to save costs, the selection of "small quantity and high quality" or "small quantity and variety" is a marketing strategy that escapes mainstream thinking.

High order conversion rate: According to the analysis of data marketing companies, it is more meaningful to look at the "substantial conversion impact" if you want to look at the "number of fans". The order conversion rate of micro-influencers is very high, which is suitable for promoting brand marketing or industrial distribution products.

Create high ROI: In the community, "high engagement" is more important than "high tracking number". High tracking will only bring high exposure, but it will not help conversion much. Micro-influencers can achieve high ROI (Return On Investment, ROI) through frequent interactions and high participation rates.

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What kind of business owner is micro-influencer marketing suitable for? What platforms are there?

If your company's marketing budget is not high, but you want to find an online platform to advertise, it is recommended to cooperate with micro-influencers for marketing. And the use of micro-influencer marketing can also improve ROI and reduce marketing expenses at the same time, achieving a win-win situation with micro-influencers. So how do you find the micro-influencer that suits you? First of all, you must first understand your brand's fan group, and enhance interaction with them through posts, and then strengthen brand trust through micro-influencers, and finally get the desired marketing results.

The way of cooperation between owners and micro-influencers

Business owners first confirm their marketing groups, and then go to the micro-influencer platform to find the most suitable micro-influencer through computer automatic matching, and through continuous posting, video and video Fans continue to follow, achieve the purpose of marketing, and create a win-win market with doubled benefits with micro-influencers. And micro-influencers are like friends around you and me. They don’t have to be outstanding in appearance, but through their special talents, fans can continue to follow and share, and because of their high interaction with fans, they can accumulate a group of loyal and enthusiastic fans.